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cover-War Thunder

Thursday, May 18, 2023 8:13:34 AM

War Thunder Review (Modern_AUT)

Ok so. I will also jump the train. My playtime here is deceiving. I have at least double if not triple the steam playtime in real (10k - 15k). I also still play it very actively. But not via steam. So me saying anything else than "I love this game with every cell of my body and I am addicted" would be a blatant lie. I also invested a lot of money already.
In short. This is a great game based on MANY factors. Variety, graphics, realism, teamplay, progression. I had so many great moments with this game and my friends that I could not list them all even with 100000 characters available.
BUT. This game, or rather the company, is walking a very dangerous path for a long time now. But now they seem to have decided to commit to it 100%. And this way is to milk the playerbase the worst way possible. New expensive premiums, less and less rewards every patch, economy system, repairs etc. Its slowly becoming a joke. And they need to pull the hand brake. And they need to pull it hard.
I am not writing this to hate on the game or the players. I am writing this because I love the game and I want it to thrive. But not via this way. Please Gaijin. Take this seriously. We are not asking to make this game 100% F2P. We know that you guys need to earn money. But this is too much. There must be other ways.