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Saturday, February 4, 2017 11:08:30 AM

VRChat Review (flexy123)

I am having a VR setup since December and I have seen A LOT, that includes a ton of games, "experiences", demos. And also a bunch of social VR apps, incl. Altxxxxx, HiFi and some others. This one I have to say blows ALL these experiences out of the water - by miles!
Let me see. Today, this Friday night...I have been in a giant show which was excellently done with anime dancers. I climbed about a mile up in the sky with some people and then we dropped down. I have been in some sort of anime/game forest. I have been in a bowling alley which appeared very real, complete with 50s music and disco light :) I have been in a bar with about 20 people and a bar tender busy running around and serving drinks. I have been in an abandoned prison with scary ghosts, traps and all kinds of stuff. We have played games like CTF and we've been in an old Western town where we were the Sherrifs and shot some bad Bandit dudes :)
A lot of fun also with people showing off their insanely creative avatars. I took my headset off later on and realized that I "experienced" more things in one single night than a normal person could ever experience in "real life" in a night, uh..a week or a month even. This is just frickin' awesome beyond words.
From a technical point of view, the avatars are excellent and VRchat even allows making and importing your own from Unity. Lip sync, eye tracking and all. Some of the best avatars I have ever seen. The entire system seems polished and runs smooth.
VRChat must have hundreds of "worlds" including games etc. to choose from since you can browse them for an half an hour and still didn't see them all. This is crazy. Uh, that being said people can also design their own worlds and games and put them in there. Possibilites: Endless. MIND. BLOWN.
And the people are ALL extremely friendly and supportive etc.
This is VR as good as it can get with TONS of fun and infinite things to do. Seriously it's mind-blowingly good.