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Saturday, February 11, 2017 8:22:19 AM

TheHunter Classic Review (wayway-twm)

Ok. I have now hit around the 100 hour mark in this game and its time to review it. Does this game deserve 40% negative review? short answer: NO. Long answer: Still no, but I understand why its so low. This game is advertized as a "free to play" game. This is sadly not the case. This is a pay to play Hunting simulator. And let me tell you, this is the single best hunting game ever made. Hands down the most fun and imersive hunting experience I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. I love this game and always will. TheHunter classic will be a game I come back to again and again for two reasons.
1) Like I said above this game gets hunting right. From big game to small the team at EW has done an amazing job creating beutifull hunting reserves inhabited by great looking and beliveable animals to hunt. Its a blast to shoot bucks and ducks alike.
2) I have spent too much money not to get the most out of this game. I think I am sitting at about a $250 bill when it is all said and done. From guns, blinds, lures, callers, bait stations, tents and any hunting equipment you could think of I have bought something of it. But here is why this game is sitting at 40% negative on steam review.
The majority of reviews here are from people who downloaded the game, played for a hour and quit and uninstalled when they saw what is free in the game. Which is not very much. You can always hunt for free with licences for Whitetail deer, all the rabbits and pheasant's. They also give you the means to hunt all of these animals. For free equipment you get the .243 bolt action rifle, 12ga single shot shotgun (not free when I started years ago by the way, bonus for new players now!) and unlimited free ammo for both guns. You also get binoculars, deer bleet caller and a camera to take pics with. You as a free user can also join other hosts multiplayer games but you yourself can't host a game without membership. You can complete missions for specific animals and earn in-game money to buy consumables with. You cant get any weapons with the mission money. You can however earn the premium curency by entering and winning competitions (you are unlikely to win so I dont really count this).
By now many people will already not want to bother trying this game if you have read this far.
Try it anyways.
Trust me here you cant get some really fun hunting done with what you have a free user. Its basicly a demo so why not give it a try and see if you like it. And if you do like the game then buy a membership package. I recomend the $54 one that gives you a year of licences to hunt all animals and a bunch of new weapons and equipment to get you a really good start. With that package you dont really need to buy anything else to get the full experience out of the game.
Here are some tips to get free stuff in game (dont say the devs never gave you anything).
By verifying your email you get a free rifle. Do that in your account info in the launcher. Aslo if you send a referal link to a friend (find that in the launcher sidebar) and they make a TheHunter account you get a ground blind free and your friend gets premium curency and some free equipment. So get a friend to try with you, and if they decide to buy a membership package (you will get the following rewards depending on what package they buy) you get a premium engraved .308 rifle, engraved deer "grunt" caller and a two person tree stand all for free. Also in steam there is a free dlc equipment package that gives you a bunch of consumables for no cost.