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Saturday, July 1, 2023 7:47:54 AM

Rocket League Review (Baliff)

This game had a special place in my heart. Rocket League was truly something to behold. Going back to 2015 back on the PS4 this was the game to play. Had a bad day and school or work? Rocket League was that escape. It was something so magically and unique. For 20 dollars I had so much fun, the memory I have for this game are tear jerking. The crates and keys having mystery decals and exotic wheels in them was like Christmas. The soundtrack they played when launched the game was 2016's Don't Stop The Party by Drunk Girl was so memorable. Learning that the cars could fly in the air back when I was a level 30 veteran blew my mind. Me making it up to diamond 3 with my friends and eventually becoming Grand Champ. It was a beautiful time that will never forget. After Psyonix sold Rocket League to Epic Games it was never the same. Now I look at this game now and I just see a cash shop and a battle pass. Thank you Epic Games for destroying our crate key economy and leaving us with buggy and glitchy servers. No will probably see this but if someone does I hope you can look back fondly on what Rocket League used to be.
Edit: So as if it couldn't get any worse they are removing trading from the game. Which is a key feature since the game launched.