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Monday, September 25, 2023 12:40:45 AM

Roboquest Review (Jinxedmerphit)

Probably one of the best FPS games I have played in years, the game does you want a fast paced FPS rogue lite to do. The movement is so fun and clean in this game that I could spend hours just running around maps if I wanted to without shooting mobs. the rogue lite elements are fun and rarely feel to over the top or like you are flat being carried. Every death is normally your fault so if you are prepared to step back and take a look at your self and your play style you can learn how to overcome each challenge with out feeling purely carried by 1 item or build. Not only this but the game is doing EA right, it is trying things, when the updates are bad for what ever reason the devs listen to the community so well, and fix things either in the next path or with in days. To the point they even delayed one of their bigger updates because on a public test people did not like a few mechanics, and they flat scrapped it and remade it for the better. The devs are making a game of passion with this one. I've never seen devs who care more about putting out a good game for people to enjoy.