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Wednesday, August 30, 2023 2:30:13 AM

Prehistoric Kingdom Review (Chaos Draco)

Don't recommend getting in it's current state if you get frustrated easily:
Having said that, this is a game that is early access and has plans on getting much more content out with bug fixes and patches. My issues that i personally experienced are as followed:
1. Saves often times don't work correctly
- Dinosaurs often times don't stay in their enclosures when you load in a game that had them in enclosures previous to your saves
- Often times the dung beetles placed are straight up deleted without your knowledge until you check their wellness and notice that they've been gone for a while
2. NPCs get stuck very easily in entrance, never had a problem with them in other areas (maybe because they are always stuck in walls?) or very little path-finding issues. Having said that;
3. Path-finding for NPCs are kinda bad but can easily be fixed often times by reloading a save (which is incredibly annoying because of above reasons) and dinosaurs sometimes run into the walls and do 360 spins into another enclosure. I found my Dryos doing this in their large enclosure with the sauropods and my dilos in enclosures that are slightly larger than needed.
- I found to help remedy this in a non-hard mode setting where you don't need to penny pinch is to put a lot of rocks/walls surrounding the enclosure and simply have guests view from a raised platform
4. Random crashes that often times doesn't keep the previous save file and having to start from a much more earlier game point.
- Only thing that saves this is that the previous version of the save is often times not too far from where you are if you save often. If you save every 30 mins or more, this may be a bit more annoying as you might be set back an hour or even more.
5. Randomly unable to select dinosaurs when you use the locate dinosaur feature
- Works the first time then stops, then randomly works again after reloading the game.
6. Weather system and lag
- Super laggy (even on lowest settings) when it rains but in general, when NPCs are stuck, it amps up the lag to max which also crashes the game resulting in it crashing.
- Also don't touch anything in settings, FPS limit doesn't save and if you try to change the graphics you will either crash or freeze for a long time (even when turning graphics down)
7. Can't put too much effort on food trays/other interactable items
- Dinosaurs get stuck
- NPCs can't path-find to it sometimes which leads me to my next point
8. Why is there an option to remove a notification for food needs, tech and others but not for individual path-finding problems? If I want a tiny T-rex statue in a building then it's perma labeled on the map.
- Also when NPCs cannot path-find to things they either go back the way they came or just stand there, blocking the area for other NPCs who do the same which then makes a wall that prevents MORE NPCs from getting through.
9. Tutorial is EXTREMELY barebones and only teaches you things one would normally expect from a park building game. You can find how everything works in the Guides though.

10. The camera oftentimes just flips on you and sends you flying for no reason when you're getting close to something.
- Also zooming into an object does not make you phase through it like most park building games which might be jarring to some people.

11. Trello board has info about updates but very rarely does it explain everything so you have to go out your way to look up youtube videos or search them up yourself. They also for some reason delete the previous versions on Trello so you can't see how far they've gone or what they've done unless you actually play the game itself which is odd but looks cleaner.

Great things about the game which might make you consider buying before full release:
- Plenty of hours can be sunk into the game even with all of these issues (I have 22 hours as of making this review but only stopped at 22 as my game crashed randomly while building).
- Very customizable, but if that's not your style, you can easily get things off the workshop without it hindering your steam achievements.
- Large community that seems to be very friendly
- Is still developing so more things to come + ironing out bugs and glitches.
- Active updates (not like some games that update every few years)
- Incredible models already with a good chunk of dinosaurs available to house.
- Nigel Marven
- Above issues (apart from crashes) are easy to either fix or bypass.
- Feels like planet zoo and JWE2 had a baby if you like those kinds of games, it's perfect for you!
- Very casual feel even on other game modes (challenge mode has it's own differing modes from Easy to Hard)
- Sandbox is great to make a prefab in to upload to steam workshop or to just block something out so you don't waste money in your actual run to add into it later when you have the funds.
- Price is very reasonable even in this stage of the game
- Scientifically accurate dinosaurs with different genus and skins!

I will update this in the future but overall, very enjoyable game, just some issues that most people would rather wait to get fixed instead of getting frustrated.