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Friday, January 19, 2024 8:07:56 AM

Palworld Review (Vanity)

In short, it's very addictive and overall fun game. Also I will preface that you should not expect to in the game guns blazing - you will need to advance your levels till you can craft a gun and not all Pals can use a gun, actually most can't.
It's a great mix between a survival game and a monster collector game. While it obviously has same elements as most other P named monster collector games, I would say Palworld has it's own identity and gameplay and it's own legs to stand on.
I definitely thought it's a meme game before I got to test it during network test access and I was completely blown away with how it beat all my expectations to the point it's instant buy for me.
There is some lore, but it's mostly hidden and scattered throughout the game in text form. Don't expect much story from it or some quests, treat this as a survival game.
UI is a bit lacking, but you get used to it.
Pal models are great to the point that I can't choose what to have in my limited main team because of how cool all the later level pals look.
en_text y'all !
Kurama will be missed!