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cover-No More Room in Hell

Sunday, February 12, 2017 11:29:37 PM

No More Room in Hell Review (Rabini)

Another masterfully implemented mod of the source engine, No More Room in Hell will give you a lot of fun.
The game uses a more realistical approach on the zombie survival genre while offering two game modes: survival and objective missions.
While the survival missions are quite simple, they are very enjoyable and fun, holding the zombies while you wait for extraction at wave 10.
The objective ones are more broad and offer variation within big maps, and while some are easier than others they are still a good adventure. Another fact is that such maps possess variation between rounds, so you will have another route of objectives to execute.
Most of the maps also contain secrets and special features.
You are not a superhero: you will bleed, you will be infected and you can also suicide yourself for the greater good of the group.
Overall review:
- Free game.
- Extremely fun with friends (the more people you play, the better).
- Realistic gun mechanics and decent melee combat while keeping a good gameplay.
- Nice graphics (taking in account the fact that the game was made in 2011).
- Extremely well made animations of itens and weapons in first person.
- Very good optimization (very few bugs, and no performance issues at all).
- Good gun and attack sounds.
- Characters possess a varied soundbank of quick chat commands, giving you quick communication with your fellow survivors.
- The VOIP inside the game simulates real conversation, the far you are from another player, the lower is your voice (you can use an in game walkie talkie to communicate from afar without issues).
- Lots of maps with good level design.
- Two map types with lot of variation.
- Very good amount of guns and melee weapons (arround 20 firearms and a bow, and 20 melee weapons, there are also 3 throwable explosives).
- People still play this game to this day (so you will find people to play with you without a problem).
- Few zombie models (you will kill the same zombies all over again).
- Some animations of ammo checking are wrong.
- Playing alone is difficult in most cases (not recommended to play alone, this is a cooperative game after all).
- Sometimes the zombie attack animation can be quite poor (depending on you position).
- The music is quite boring (my personal opinion, maybe you will like it).
While the game has minor flaws, it is a very enjoyable experience and will bring you and your friends lots of desperating moments and agony (the good kind of it).
A good adventure.
Overall score: