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Saturday, April 8, 2023 8:39:51 PM

Metal: Hellsinger Review (UNSKILLED TRASH)


Metal: Hellsinger is a first-person shooter rhythm game developed by the Outsiders and published by Funcom. Combining fast-paced action with timing and rhythm creates a unique and exciting experience.

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Story, Short
The concept is simple and rarely seen at this production level. The game's premise is simple, you are in Hell and must fight a horde of demons to find your voice again stolen by the Underlord himself. While the story starts as an exciting concept, it sadly is a complete afterthought. Unmemorable at best, there is little to do throughout the game about character development despite all the interesting elements you encounter throughout your playthrough.
You are not grabbing Metal: Hellsinger for its story; you are here because it's a Rhythm game, and it's achieving that exceptionally well. You need to follow the tempo set by both visual and sound cues. On top of that, to attain peak headbanging status, you will have to ensure that you don't lose the combos you are building. Each level has its particular soundtrack that keeps building up the more you kill, dodge, reload, and jump on the beat to let the vocals be heard finally. I don't think there's anything more satisfying than the drums connecting with a properly timed reload+headshot
You will also get to use finishers ala Doom to regain lost health, and ammunitions are infinite so that you can focus on the action. The controls are very intuitive and easy to take on, and we must applaud the developers for the accessibility features included in the game that are going to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy the game.
It would be impossible to review this game without talking about the soundtrack. It is one of the best I've heard in a video game. Two Feathers, a studio focused on video game music, delivered a phenomenal product with the help of famous Metal singers ranging from Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility to Trivium, Lamb of God etc. The singers also did an outstanding job on each track, and the music is seamlessly integrated into the gameplay; the result is an incredibly immersive experience.
Graphically speaking, the themes are exactly what you would expect from hell, dark, gothic, and satanic, with each demon being different and identifiable.
Sadly, the game is short, and the level design is all the same level after level. The boss fights especially, it’s all the same enemy with little variations, and even though there are some challenges to extend the game's length, it’s not quite that. Though, it must be said that the game is infinitely replayable if you want to compete for leaderboards. Indeed you can compare your score with other players, improve on it and keep headbanging.
Finally, Metal: Hellsingers is a fun and unique game that will appeal to both metal fans and rhythm gamers, and while it is short, the spectacular soundtrack and gameplay make up for it.

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