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cover-Little Witch Nobeta

Monday, August 28, 2023 12:26:48 AM

Little Witch Nobeta Review (Touya)

Sobbing emoji aside, this game was better than I expected. WAY better actually. I expected a 10 hour long game about girl fights between anime girls but what I got was an anime girl fighting other anime girls AND scary monsters. Mfw the dark souls are dark. (Or maybe this being my first 3D "horror" game has something to say about that) And its been 12 hours (19 according to the game's playtime) and I'm not seeing an ending anywhere.
The magic and mana mechanics being the spin on the Dark Souls gameplay SOUNDS overpowered but I can assure you that you'll be "fighting for your god damn life" without it. (That is to say, you'll be fighting for your life WITH it as well.) This IS a Souls-like after all.
The graphics aren't the best but for what I consider to be bootleg DS it's actually not bad. Same for the animations, Seems like the devs really enjoyed making this game.
The music was expected to be good for a DS look-alike but wow! I did'nt expect it to be this good. Especially the first area imo. I really like that one the most so far.
If you've never played a horror game before, you might wanna go into this with a heart of steel, I've had countless times where i'd jump because an enemy would recover and start chasing me with a loud screech, there are also times where there would be an enemy purposefully hiding somewhere you'd never expect. (or again, maybe I'm just a big puss)
Even though I haven't finished the game yet i'd land it a 9.5/10. That's only because of the graphics though, so if you don't think it's that bad based on the trailer then you can just see this as a 10/10.
P.S.- Obligatory 😭🕳️🚶
EDIT: Just got done with the game and I haven't changed my opinion. This game is underrated.
Plus, look forward to a few gifts from the devs to you as the player. Beating the game has to feel rewarding somehow.