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cover-Infestation: The New Z

Monday, February 27, 2017 3:32:18 PM

Infestation: The New Z Review (QUARANTINE RICKY)

Don't listen to bullshit reviews, there are 3 categories to those people.
1) They expect too much from a F2P 5 year old game
2) They greatly exaggerate negative aspects of this game and mostly have no clue what they are talking about
3) They suck at open world shooters, because boohoo I just started playing this game, don't know the map so I get shot running around in the open like a retard so the game must suck.
You can have 5 characters and the respawn timer is only 3 minutes PER character, some retard wrote "you have to wait forever to revive." Forever = 3 minutes with 4 other characters on standby to play on, lol ok buddy. You can also revive instantly for 15000 in game $ that takes less than 10 minutes to farm from zombies.
Severs are fine and populated, some more some less so you can decide if you wan't to mostly loot or have more PvP. There's no lag as far as Im concerned and my ping (east coast) actually stays pretty low.
Performance is really good. Don't listen to idiots that play on potatoes. I have an i5 with gtx780, pretty mediocre nowadays and I get minimum 70fps in major cities with 30+ people on the map.
Player and mouse movement is smooth AF. None of that Arma/DayZ 10 year old bullshit clunky movement. Mouse looking around/aiming smoothness and responsiveness is comparable to CS:GO.
In almost 11 hours of gameplay, only cheaters I saw were the ones getting banned in chat announcements, never encountered one and all I do is PvP in a major city.
The loot is everywhere, which not only makes it easy to gear up to immediately PvP, but it also makes it easy to farm $ and XP from zombies.
That being said, make no mistake, this isn't DayZ. Sure you have water and food stat that you gotta replenish, but this is NOT survival game this is a LooterShooter, you loot gear and then kill other players. Zombies are easy to deal with and are merely an annoyance/extra layer to add some tactics to PvP because other players can see zombies being agroed to you so you gotta decide how to move around unnoticed.
PvP is SUPER FUN and can bring some of the most intense moments in any shooter. You can stalk 1 or a group of players until you decide that the moment is right and your positioning is good to take them out before they even realize what happened and take all their loot. You might have close quarter fights where you gotta outplay others or you might see someone camping on the roof and try to flank and maneuver them, the possibilities are endless.

All in all, this is like an 8gb F2P game, you lose nothing by trying it out and if you're not a complete scrub who never played an open world shooter before or you're not an impatient person who is willing to give yourself time to get used to the mechanics and gameplay, you will have a great time PvPing especially with friends.