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Tuesday, September 5, 2023 6:52:18 AM

Hatoful Boyfriend Review (Kenstagator)

Hatoful Boyfriend: More Than a Feathered Joke

"Hatoful Boyfriend" is an extraordinary dating simulation game where you, as the sole human student at St. Pigeonation high school, must choose a love interest among a cast of bird characters. The concept is bizarre, originating as an April Fools' Day joke in 2011, but it transcends its initial absurdity.
Initially, the game's appeal is its humor, filled with avian puns and quirky characters like Okosan, a bird in pursuit of the ultimate pudding. The writing is clever and absurd, offering an enjoyable and unique experience. While it's tempting to view "Hatoful Boyfriend" as merely a pigeon dating sim parody, it evolves into something deeper.
As you spend time with the bird characters, their stories of loss, love, and longing become genuinely affecting. The game allows you to toggle on anthropomorphic portraits of the birds to facilitate emotional connections, blurring the line between avian and human emotions.
However, "Hatoful Boyfriend" offers more than quirky romance. It raises questions about identity as you immerse yourself in a world where you are the outsider. The game subtly conveys microaggressions and dissonances that make you question your place in this bird-populated universe.
The game's weirdness is unrelenting, making it ideal for those who don't typically enjoy dating sims. It can be challenging, with obscure logic for unlocking characters' affections and multiple paths leading to unique endings. Additionally, it doesn't shy away from darker themes, alternating between humor, genuine emotion, and horror.
While "Hatoful Boyfriend" might not be what you expect, it's an intriguing journey that surprises and entertains. If you're willing to delve into this strange avian world, you'll discover that it's more than just a feathered jokeā€”it's a narrative that defies expectations and leaves a lasting impression.