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Saturday, December 23, 2023 9:16:30 PM

GigaBash Review (Shadow King)

I'm honestly torn on this.
I love the concept and it's a good throw back to some older kaiju fighting games like King of the Monsters, plus they have DLC available for both Godzilla and Ultraman, who wouldn't like that in a game like this?
-Unfortunately, the gameplay is limited and the AI can be very cheap (such as clearly aiming only for the player when it's supposed to be a 4 monster free for all).
-While the maps are mostly pretty nice and look to be a good size, you're restricted to a just a very small piece of them during a fight.
-The non-DLC characters provided in the vanilla game, while a nice variety, are also limited in number, if you discount the skin color options, making you almost needing to get the DLC just to flesh out the numbers.
-To add to that, the DLC aren't available to the CPU for any random encounters in the single player modes, like the arcade and endless, they're only just for the player to select from.
-There is clearly effort put in to flesh out the background on the vanilla monsters which is always good, even a story mode for them, but it's a bit shallow.
-The game has online play, but as something of a niche game, unless you already have someone to play with, you likely won't be seeing many online matches.
-Range attacks ignore ALL cover, even for small tanks. The giant buildings on the maps that require actual effort to destroy are just there to annoy you by blocking your movement only, not attacks.
In ending, if you like giant monster fights, this is definitely a fun game to play for short periods, but content is limited for it's full price, especially when most everyone is only going to want it to play with the provided DLC monsters.
So for the sake of hoping they'll continue to add more to it, I give it a recommended, but only buy it on sale.