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cover-Deep Rock Galactic

Friday, May 19, 2023 7:39:01 AM

Deep Rock Galactic Review (ayden.exe)

so with Season 4 around the corner and Overwatch PVE basically cancelled, i would like to leave a review of One of the best shooters in decades.
Deep rock galactic is nothing but a masterpiece, a incredible 4 player PvE with incredible lore, Gameplay, customisation weapons and Dwarves.
while everything about this game is awesome, i want to mention the best and most unique things about it
1. The Community, i think it is a fairly easy argument to that the DRG (short for Deep Rock Galactic) Community is one of the greatest, from our collective goals, to our inside jokes, our camaraderie and the never ending "Rock and Stone!", which anywhere you look on the internet you can probably find one dwalf shout that line with the most sincerity imaginable, from Green beards to Grey beards we are all working together and have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over.
2. is the meta, or lack there of; everything is use-able and viable, all classes equally picked, all weapons having usage, all grenades, another tid-bit about meta is how well all classes can work together, to execute unique plans or to turn the geneva convention in to the geneva checklist.
3. class diversity, while this could fall into the prior category, i feel like it deserves its own point all classes have strengths and weakness that other classes can make up and also strengthens their strengths, which you would think would be obvious but it can't be stated how incredible it is.
4. Team work, its expected in a PvE but no mater what class, Green Beard to Grey Beards, team work is key to all missions and assignments.
5. "Battle Pass"; A shunned word these days but i assure you that, in DRG we don't do Payed battle passes here, they are free and offer awesome looking loot and skins, these are all cosmetic and look awesome.
Personally this game is a 9/10 if not 10/10
- Great gameplay loop
- Incredible community
- Awesome class dynamic
- One of the best PvEs
- Unique cave generation and Bug variety
- Countless loadout combinations
- Able to Tip Floyd the Bartender
- Management doesn't know anything
- Elven Spies?!?
- A bit repetitive
- Double barrel Overclock not buffed yet
- People who dont Rock and Stone
- Some cheaters
NOTE: Since battle passes are free, that doesn't provide Ghostship Games with much post game financial compensation, so if you do like this game and wish to support the devs, the DLC, it is complete customisation
Whether your Green Beard or Grey Beard, Scout, engineer, Gunner or Driller; ROCK AND STONE TO THE BONE!