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cover-Dead by Daylight

Friday, December 22, 2023 6:02:45 AM

Dead by Daylight Review (Blessedcow)

After almost 4 years and over 2800 hours I can confidently say that this game isn't worth it. I used to love this game putting 1000 hours per year in the first couple years I played but due to a lot of issues with the game over the last year I just can't bring myself to play the game anymore.
I think my biggest issue with the game has how awful the community is. I'm normally not bothered by people being rude or being toxic but this game has really gotten to me because it feels like every match is dealing with toxic players that are so full of themselves that they can't see anything past their own ego. You can't even have a decent discussion with players anymore because they refuse to see anything that isn't there narrow point of view no matter how outlandish it is. It's not just in endgame chats either its on every damn social media platform too. You can't go into a content creators or the official dbd accounts comment sections without seeing every annoying asshole just typing up the most toxic shit you've ever seen and it just fells awful to be apart of a community that has the majority of its vocal player base just acting like children. There are a lot of good people in the community but they get trampled on by the shitty part of the community.
My other major issue is honestly the developers. This most recent AMA took the cake for me when they literally said that help for soloq is not a priority but fucking cosmetics are and that it would take YEARS to implement changes for soloq. If that isn't the most bullshit thing I've ever seen I don't know what is. There are also some killers that really need the help like myers and freddy that aren't even on the damn roadmap but they need to tweak demo and huntress, which it seems to me at least that the majority of the player base think are fine. Blight is finally getting his addons nerfed but it took over 3 fucking years to get him nerfed but they nerfed the addons of nemesis and twins like wtf. There are maps like red forest that have been reworked fucking twice yet swamp hasn't yet. Map offerings make playing killer miserable now since everyone brings them and yet the devs haven't done anything about that. Speaking of maps we haven't, IMO, gotten a single good map except for Nostromo in the almost 4 years I've been playing the game. I know some people are gonna mention dead dawg saloon and it's not a bad map, but I'm tired of that map. The devs just like to add new stuff while not balancing or fixing current problems with the game. The amount of bugs the game still is so fucking dumb. We just recently at the time of posting this had flashlights and perks that had to do with flashlight disabled for the 2nd time because of a bug that would allow survivors to get inside of a locker without actually being in, making it impossible to get them. That would normally lead to either the game lasting an hour and the timer kicking everyone out of the match or the killer dcing because of how fucking broken it was. And the saddest part is that survivors would abuse the fuck out of it and some would complain if they got banned for it.
I'm not asking for a perfect game even though I know it sounds like it but it just feels like this game lost its fun.
I don't hate dbd but i certainly don't like the game and want it to get better but it just seems the game is going in a bad direction and the devs don't seem to listen to anyone in the community that is actually trying to help. The fog whisperers, that are supposed to be the ambassadors of the game, can't even help make the game better since it seems that they get ignored. What's the point of having them then if they don't get to help with the game in anyway. I'm gonna wrap this up and just say that there is pretty much no chance of me coming back to the game. I feel like if I play again I'm gonna lose my sanity and my mental health is a bit more important then this dumb game.
Also a side note if you play this game and want all the dlcs, the licensed ones that you have to buy with real money will cost you over $100 at this point and thats not including the game itself and the ones you can just buy with iri shards.
Edit: One more thing is that every time a new asymm game comes out, the dbd community ruin it immediately so good luck if another game like this comes out.