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cover-Albion Online

Saturday, January 6, 2024 1:34:01 AM

Albion Online Review (NzA Elechitman)

Use to be a really fun game. Right now it currently is very hard to make any in game silver to make it so that you will pay real money for things in game or to progress. Dungeons have been nerfed. Most content barley makes you money or fame. Big guilds run the black zone with players that can't pvp well with out 100 man zergs. Mist have either 8.4 players that will kill you in a few hits or hackers in low tier gear which will freeze your screen like you're lagging to kill you and steal your weeks of progression with no punishment. If you go red zone naked players with an ox scout anything you are wearing and where you are on the map with hacking programs. They then call in 15 gankers immediately that know exactly where you are to once again steal your gear. New awakened weapons are gambling silver so you run out of silver even faster and need to pay the game more. Yellow zones are filled with bots gathering fish and .3 materials that ruins the market. Crazy how free to play can completely change a game that was so quality for so long. If you don't believe my review give the game a try.